Spare Parts

Group 22 Spare parts center is known as one of the leading Automobile Spare Parts trading company dealing with   from reputed OEM and aftermarket manufacturers for Lexus And Toyota. The company was  in the market as a specialized , importer, distributor and wholesaler of Automobile Spare Parts such as Engine & Electrical Parts, Cooling, Fuel and Exhaust parts, Transmission and Drive Shaft parts, Suspension and steering parts, Axle, Wheel hub  and brake parts, Air conditioning and Heater parts, Body and Exterior parts, etc...

Since the inception, we have been trading premier quality OEM and aftermarket Parts for Lexus and Toyota to cater our valued customers’ requirements. Currently, we are operating from Al Rai, Kuwait, Our main motto is to offer complete satisfaction to our valued customers, hence we always endeavor to customize products and services according to clients’ special demands.

Why Us

Our company is recognized as one of the most experienced and reliable spare parts trader in Kuwait offering OEM and aftermarket Spare Parts for Lexus and Toyota. We privilege to say that we are the best among the one you are looking for your needs for Lexus and Toyota OEM and Aftermarket spare parts.

Engine & Electrical Auto parts

Complete Engine, Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Belt, C/head Cover, Oil Pan, Engine Mounting, Piston, Piston Ring, Camshaft, Gasket Crankshaft, Valve, Balancer, Bearing, Tensioner, Oil Pump, Oil Filter, Alternator, Starter, Cable, Spark Plug, Ignition Coil, Battery,  Others.

Cooling, Fuel & Exhaust Auto Parts

Radiator, Water Pump, Hose, Reservoir, Blower, Duct, Cooler Line, Cooling Fan, Thermostat, Fuel Tank, Fuel lines, Fuel Pump, Throttle Body, Injector, Nozzle, Manifolder, Air Cleaner, Air Flow Sensor, , Muffler, Others.

Transmission and Drive Shaft Auto Parts

Transmission assy, Clutch Cover, Clutch Disc, Release Bearing, Gear shift, Clutch Master Cylinder, Drive Shaft, Propellar Shaft, Univeral Joint, Speed Sensor, Gears, Transfer, Others.

Suspension & Steering Auto Parts

Arm, Ball Joint, Steering Column, Rack & Pinion, Power Steering Pump,  Shock Absorber, Spring, Strut, Control Arm,  Stabilizer, suspension, Bushes, etc..

Axle, Wheel Hub and Brake Auto Parts

Front & Rear Axle Assy, Hub, Wheel Cab, Differential, Carrier, Axle Hub, Rotor, Drum, Knuckle, Brake Pad, Brake Master Cylinder, ABS, Hydraulic Module, Brake Booster Wheel Cylinder, Others.

Body and Exterior Auto Parts

Cross Member, Radiator Support, Floor Panel, Roof Panel, Side Body Panel, Door, Hood, Fender, Bumper, Locking, Regulator, Moudling, Door Trim, Mud Guard. Lamps, Others.

Heater & A/C and Interior Auto Parts

Heater Control, Hose, Blower, Condenser, A/C Compressor, Lines, Console, Evaporator.