Integrated Group  Exhibition

Integrated Group Exhibition company specialized in assisting companies in expanding business by organizing exhibition in Kuwait. Integrated Group Exhibition is your trusted partner in the development of business opportunities in Kuwait. We provide relevant information in order to maximize your Return on Investment and to make your participation at our events as stress free as possible.

Why Exhibitions?


Exhibitions are an influential, flexible and highly cost-effective business tool as well as being significant wealth generators. In established economies exhibitions are a vital part of the marketing, alongside direct selling, advertising, direct mail etc..


  • In new and emerging markets exhibitions are a major stimulus for industrial and commercial development:

  • Driving industrial development and technology  transfer

  • Boosting regional and national industry 

  • Stimulating foreign investment in industry and infrastructure

Why Exhibit?


Exhibitions are one of the most effective mediums for establishing and maintaining customer relations. In an increasingly digital age, they are the only media where buyer, seller and product physically come together.

Highly targeted:


Integrated Group Exhibition exhibitions is committed to deliver business contacts that create value for each and every customer. We match the needs of buyers and suppliers ever more closely, With tightly focused profiles and carefully targeted audiences, trade exhibitions are highly cost-effective sales and marketing platforms.



Exhibitions provide a highly flexible environment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be achieved, from generating sales leads and launching new products, to build brand image, maintaining customer relations and appointing new agents. Integrated Group Exhibition provides a dynamic environment for your sales and marketing activities.

A two-way communication process:


Unlike magazines and direct mail, exhibitions involve a two-way communication process. Visitors can question, challenge and debate. Exhibitors can give and seek information. Most importantly, business is conducted face to face - the most persuasive form of selling, and of building customer relationships.


The buyer comes to you:


Exhibition visitors are pro-active rather than passive recipients of your sales and marketing messages. They make a conscious decision to attend, and set aside valuable time to do so. Many are specifies and influencers who it might otherwise be impossible to identify.


Fast market penetration:


You can reach a large proportion of the market in a short space of time. Whether you are looking to raise your company profile, change market perceptions or generate sales leads, you can achieve more in four days at an exhibition than you might otherwise achieve in months.


Exhibitions are also one of the quickest and most cost-effective means of exploring and entering new export markets. Individually, the benefits listed are not unique to exhibitions but what is unusual is their combination in a single, highly flexible promotional tool. Exhibitions combine the mass-reach of advertising, the targeting of direct mail, the persuasive power of face-to-face selling, and the networking benefits of the Internet, to create a unique environment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be pursued, either singly, or side by side.

Why Visit?

There are many ways of sourcing product and supplier information, but only exhibitions allow you to put suppliers’ claims comprehensively to the test easily and cost effectively – by examining the products for yourself, questioning their creators, and comparing and contrasting their performance.


  • See what’s new

    Exhibitions are a recognized launch pad for new products, and an extremely time-efficient way to keep up to date with the latest innovations.

    Evaluate products and suppliers:


    You can compile a wide range of competitive information on products and suppliers in a concentrated period of time. According to Industry Research, decision-makers are more likely to name trade shows as an ‘extremely useful’ source of purchasing information than any other media.

    Keep abreast of industry and market developments:


    Exhibitions are a rich source of new ideas and applications, as such, play an important role in strategic planning and business generation. Integrated Group Exhibition works closely with sponsoring trade associations and the media to ensure our events are at the forefront of developments.

    To network/develop business contacts:


    Exhibitions are a focal point for industry, attracting a broad cross-section of representatives, from buyers and sellers, to trade associations and the media. A full programme of associated activities at Integrated Group Exhibition events provides a wealth of additional networking opportunities from seminars and social events.


  • Other common reasons for attending exhibitions with Integrated group include:

    • To consolidate business relationships
    • To solve specific problems
    • To find new markets
    • To appoint agents/seek principals
    • To discuss specific terms/conditions/pricing
    • To obtain technical knowledge
    • To discuss business needs in a neutral environment
  • Integrated Group  Exhibition -  leading organizer for exhibitions

Integrated Group Exhibition excels in creating high profile, highly targeted business and consumer exhibitions and events to establish and maintain business relations, and generate new business.

If your company is seeking to expand its business,  then contact Integrated Group Exhibition.

Exhibiting overseas is one of the quickest and most cost-effective means of exploring and entering new markets, and drawing investment from abroad to boost your sales.


How Integrated group exhibition can help you:


• Choose the right event to meet your export objectives - and alert you to new markets, events   and opportunities you may not be aware of.

Bi-Lingual Staff who can communicate with you. This avoids many of the common problems   associated with exhibiting overseas, in particular, misunderstandings over contracts produced in foreign   languages, and lack of awareness of exhibition deadlines

Practical Support And Advice: Once you have booked into your event, you are given practical support and advice with everything from marketing your presence, to organizing logistics and making travel arrangements.

Understanding Local Business Culture:  Integrated Group Exhibition has a local presence in all Arabian Gulf markets, so Integrated group give you first hand advice on any business, customs and practices that may affect a successful outcome.

On-Site Customer Support: You will have representatives available at the exhibition hall who can help and assist you with any issues affecting your participation from beginning to end.